What do we serve?


There's Something for Everyone on our Menu!

We proudly serve Vienna Beef hot dogs and sausages here at Loaf'n Dog in Cleburne. You need the best quality for the best flavor! We have a wide variety of dogs to choose from, or you can create your own!

Even if you're feeling REALLY hungry, we serve foot-long dogs and even a two-foot-long dog!

We also have vegetarian options! 

Vegetarian franks for your hot dog, vegetarian chili, and gluten-free buns can all be used for substitution on any menu item!

NEW: Texas Dog


Vienna Beef FireDog Frank, shredded cheese, grilled onions, grilled jalapenos, BBQ sauce



Give us a call to have some dogs headed your way! Free with a $15 minimum!

Chicago Dog


We serve up a genuine Chicago Dog.

Come give it a try!