Customer Comments

Cal Peterson - Drawing Winner

"We loved you guys. You were awesome and handled our big group"

Skylar Pannill (Ashley)

"We enjoyed it!"

Nick Cope

"Very Accommodating."

Suzanne Israel

"Just keep making awesome dogs!"

Leo & Sylvia Garza

"No need to serve us better - Excellent. Don't Change"

Laura Pillow

"Gimme coupons for your french fries! :) lol"

Barbara May

"Great Prices!"

Kathie Clark

"Always great service. Maybe have sturdier paper under the HADLEY DOG."

Walter Lavine

"All good!"

Larry Smith

"You can't ask for better service. Best food and entertainment!"

Chris Hill

"You guys are awesome!"

Denise Smith

"Everything is perfect!"

More Customer Comments

Jacob Clark

"No need to change. Everyone is doing a great job!"

Angie Watson

"It's great every time we come!"

Brian Meek

"Let the owner sing at Karaoke!"

Greg Stephens

"Great Place. A dog with avocados would be nice!"

Brian Pillow

"Y'all keep being y'all. We love ya!"

John Klosen

"Our visit was great!"

Cynthia Burnett

"It was perfect!"

Jeremy Evans & Erin Gentry

"We love y'all's friendly service - stay just the way you are! :)"